January: New Year

We started out 2019 with a bang! We broke our record with 22 attendees at our first meetup of the year, which is wonderful! There was great discussion about what we wanted to do in the new year and what sorts of things they’d like to learn. Here are a few of the notes coming out of that meetup.



Litter cleanup

Workshop Ideas

  • Recycling workshop

  • How to talk to significant others, family, roommates, about zero waste - Psychology of Sustainability

  • Sewing

  • Canning

Ideas to look into

  • Google Doc of price comparisons around the city for bulk buying

  • Recaps Spotlights of Community Members

Things to bring to next meetup

  • Who Gives A Crap paper for Tare Market

  • Cardboard boxes smaller than shoe boxes for Tare Market

  • Textiles for Alyssa

Other upcoming events

Sierra Club - Zero Waste Task Force

Next meeting: February 4, 7-8:30 - RSVP Here

Dine for Climate


Cool links to look into:

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