April: Environment

We had a lovely meetup at The Wedge Table in April! We really wanted to chat about environmental impact and other areas of our lives that zero waste has impacted. While we’ve all made several steps towards reducing our disposable waste, we came with ideas to reduce how much energy we use, water we waste, how often we drive, and more. Read on to see the list of things we’re doing to improve our environmental footprint, as well as a few books, podcasts and resources we’ve found useful recently!

below: sometimes group shots don’t go as planned.

Reducing our Impacts

  • Adopt A Storm Drain

  • Taking the bus; using a moped instead of a car

  • Solar panels

  • Refusing sales - greenwashing

  • Cooking more

  • Make your own milk, products

  • Cancel Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping

  • Take your card information off Amazon so it’s harder to impulsively buy things

  • Stop going to Target!

  • Make your own clothes instead of buying - do I want it bad enough to spend time making it?

  • Mindfulness - living slower, being more intentional

  • Learning about how it’s all connected - ex: burning trash in HERC and asthma/lead poisoning in North Minneapolis

Things we’d like to do

  • Highlight a nonprofit/charity each month

  • Find a farm to pick wasted food to go to food shelf, take home, etc.

Local Resources

Xcel Energy Wind Energy Credits
Twin Cities Mobile Market
Northside Fresh
Shop Junket


Podcast: Earthling Ed Podcast
Podcast: Break The Twitch Podcast
App: Buycott App
Article: Climate change: Sir David Attenborough warns of 'catastrophe'
Book: Plastic: A Toxic Love Story
Book: Vegetarian Flavor Bible
Free Books: Little Free Library

Amanda Sletten