June: Conscious Consumerism

We had a lovely turn out for June to talk about conscious consumerism! Joining us was Erika Larson with Heirloom General to discuss being conscious in how we purchase items and thinking about the waste that not only happens after a product has been purchased, but way before it even hits the shelves. Read on to learn more.

The average woman wears something 8 times before getting rid of it.

“I like saving things from the dump but do I really need this thing?”

Planned obsolescence - pre-planned obsolete things

  • Apple

  • H&M

Planned failure of materials

Functional obsolescence

  • Cars, appliances commonly become functionally obsolete because of an outdated design or feature that cannot be easily changed.

Circular economy

Transparency - how did this thing get to me? What resources did it take to get to me?

Recommended Reading:
Waste & Want: A Social History of Trash - Susan Strasser

Amanda Sletten