July: Compost + Gardening

We had a lovely meet-up in a new location for TrashTalk in July - nine of us met up at the Hennepin County Library in Northeast Minneapolis and it was delightful! Read on to learn about what we discussed!


The average american
generates 1 lb of food waste per
, and 4 lb of trash per day.

Some local advocates for composting:

Vermicomposting - A good option for those in apartments or small spaces without yards for bins

BPI certified - needs to be certified compostable because companies will mark something as biodegradable but may not actually be biodegradable

Contamination is a big problem with composting - if a certain percentage of a truck load is contaminated (10-20% usually), the truck gets sent back, though Minneapolis has a decent record of low contamination in its curbside organics recycling program (0.5% as of 2017).


NPR - Planet Money Podcast - Mafia controlled garbage hauling in NY - episodes 925 and 926

Metro Blooms - alley restoration lake Harriet, turned alleys into rain catches

Minneapolis will pay to help you make your yard bee friendly

Getchipdrop.com - mulching

  • comes from arborists

  • Free

  • Burlap also is a good weed barrier, compostable, breaks down

  • Coffee Chaff - Tiny Footprint Coffee, Brooklyn Center

U of M  - native plants - Extension.umn.edu

National Wildlife Federation

Falling Fruit - app

  • Map feature, people crowdsource where fruit trees are

Urban Forage 
Curtis Stone - The Urban Farmer - YouTube

Amanda Sletten